Shot clinics open this weekend! FluMist and Flu Shots are now available for all patients over 6 months old

For more information about this year's flu vaccine, please see our webpage or that of the CDC!

We are currently scheduling appointments for most kids over the age of 2 for FluMist intranasal flu vaccine! Please schedule an appointment through MyChart.

We have received a limited supply of FluMist, an intranasal live vaccine for certain children over the age of 2 and will be scheduling several flu clinics to give the vaccine. Patients who are scheduled for a well visit (and their siblings) can receive the vaccine as supplies last, at their well visits. 

Which should my child get, a flu shot or FluMist? This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics answers this question: Prepare Your Family for Flu Season.​ And this article from the CDC has a great discussion as well: Who Should and Should Not Get a Flu Vaccine.

We will not be able to give flu vaccines to parents or caregivers, and fortunately, there are lots of places in the community where flu vaccines are readily available. Please check for a list of locations near you. If you have the opportunity to have your children receive a flu vaccine elsewhere, this is acceptable to us and we just ask that you let us know the dates your children have received the flu vaccine. This can be sent through MyChart.

It is important to know that there are NO SHORTAGES of flu vaccine expected this year. We have ordered plenty of both FluMist and flu shots and expect to be receiving the bulk of our shipment in the next month or so. The recommendation is to receive a flu vaccine before the end of the year if possible, and we will be continuing to give flu vaccines through the end of the flu season (April or May) as long as our supplies last.
Once these flu clinics fill and our current vaccine is spoken for, we will stop scheduling flu clinics until we receive more vaccine. Then we will restart scheduling again.