Flu Vaccine now available for all kids over 6 months old!

For more information about this year's flu vaccine, please see our webpage or that of the CDC!

We are currently scheduling appointments for the flu vaccine! Appointments can now be scheduled  through MyChart or you can email to schedule an appointment! Flu vaccine will also be available at well visits for children and their siblings.

We will not be able to give flu vaccines to parents or caregivers, and fortunately, there are lots of places in the community where flu vaccines are readily available. Please check for a list of locations near you. If you have the opportunity to have your children receive a flu vaccine elsewhere, this is acceptable to us and we just ask that you let us know the dates your children have received the flu vaccine.

All calls about scheduling the flu vaccine or reporting the date your child received the flu vaccine will be directed to extension 6, our Flu Vaccine line. Calls will be returned within 7 days. You may also contact us for scheduling flu appointments or the dates your children received flu vaccine through MyChart messaging or by email to Thank you!