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Gimmee Purple Elmo!!! And Other Temper Tantrums
In the Pursuit of Happiness - Smart Love Webinars

When: Thursday, June 9, 2022 | 10:00 a.m. CST
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Cost:  This webinar is a part of Smart Love's free-of-charge In the Pursuit of Happiness Webinar Series

Toddlerhood is notoriously known as a time of conflict and stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Many parents sometimes struggle to know how to manage their toddlers’ behaviors and emotional outbursts. Unfortunately, many parenting approaches out there inadvertently strengthen the emotions that drive the tantrum behaviors, perpetuating a vicious cycle of bigger and bigger tantrums. But if parents can learn a different way to respond to their toddlers when emotions begin to get out of control, they can see a dramatic change. With time and a heavy dose of patience, parents can turn the tantrum tide. 

Sleep Workshop (For parents of children ages 0-6)

When: July 30 at 10:00 am
Where: Zoom - Click here to register!
Cost:  $20 per family

Does your child struggle to fall asleep at bedtime?

Are naps too short or non existent in your home?
Does your child wake frequently throughout the night?
Do you feel like you have read all the books and are confused by how to improve your child’s sleep?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES! or you have other sleep questions related to children 0-6 years old, join Linda Szmulewitz, licensed clinical social worker, a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and the owner of Sleep Tight Consultants, to learn how to improve your child’s sleep and help your whole family get the sleep they need. Parents will:

  • Learn what is developmentally appropriate with regard to sleep for children at different stages,

  • Learn how to encourage healthy sleep habits and routines and

Have an opportunity to ask pressing sleep questions.

Expectant parents are welcome!

Baby Tastes: Helping Your Baby Learn to Love Food

When: TBD at 10:00 am
Where: Zoom - Click here to register!
Cost:  $10 per family

Baby Tastes is a webinar designed for parents ready to introduce their baby to solid foods. Parents will learn how to help their baby enjoy the tastes, textures, colors and smells of mealtimes. This class will help parents:

  • Know when their baby is ready to enjoy solid food

  • Set-up successful mealtimes in a nurturing environment

  • Expectant parents are welcome!

  • Discover if baby led weaning is right for them

Understand the most up-to-date recommendations regarding food allergies in infants

Hop Along Yogi Live Online Kids Yoga 

When: TBD
Cost:  $10 Per Family

There are so many activities for little ones to explore and discover,
but none are quite like yoga. Some of the benefits of yoga are:
  • Encourages mindfulness, inclusivity, and strength through movement and play
  • Improves flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Builds motor skills and body awareness
  • Teaches emotional control and resilience
  • Cultivates self-confidence and builds a positive self-image
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Fosters respect for one another and the world around us
  • Enhances cooperation and listening skills
    In each yoga class kids will learn basic yoga poses, play fun yoga games, and
    practice breathing and relaxation techniques.
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Virtual Classes for Parents and Expectant Parents at Northwestern Medicine

When/Where: Click here to view
Cost:  Free

Northwestern offers a number of virtual classes to be taken any time on a variety of topics such as breastfeeding, understanding birth, child and infant CPR safety, classes for expectant grandparents, and more!


Self-Compassion and Your Child

When: Anytime!
Where: Click here to view
Cost:  Free

Join Dr. John Frampton, from Formative Psychological Services, for a 40-minute discussion on the scientifically proven value of self-compassion for you and your child.  Learn practices that can help cultivate self-compassion for your child, and what it can mean for their future.

Facing Life: Preparing Our Children for In-Person Living

When: Anytime!
Where: Click here to view
Cost:  Free

Please join Dr. John Frampton of Formative Psychological Services and Lakeview Pediatrics for Facing Life: Preparing our Children for In Person Living. Dr.  Frampton will lead a 40-minute discussion on what parents can do to best prepare their children for the return to in-person interactions. Based in science, he will provide concrete strategies to support our children as we move closer to face-to-face living.

Parenting in a Time of Uncertainty

When: Anytime!
Where: Click here to view
Cost:  Free

Do you have parenting questions about your child's motivation, screen time, or how to build resiliency during a pandemic? Please join Dr. John Frampton of Formative Psychological Services for a webinar to explore answers to these and other questions.

How Music Equips Kids for Life

When: Anytime!
Where: Click here to view
Cost:  Free

Music transports. Music is magic, music is joy. Music is fun, music is play. Music is feeling, music is connection and music is love. Not only is this all true, music can also be a vehicle to equip your child with tools and skills for their life. Ones that can help them excel at anything they choose, achieve their dreams and develop strength in character along the way. Join Adreinne Schroederpresents the beneficial tools of Mindfulness and Music for kids of all ages.


Taming Tantrums with Danielle Marino

When: Anytime!
Where: Click here to view the presentation
Cost:  Free

Do you struggle to get your child to listen on the first ask? Are you unsure how to respond to tantrums? Most parents want their child to have therapy and learn coping skills. While you can teach your child coping skills, they will often choose not to use them unless the environment is changed. To ensure use of coping skills, there are parenting skills you need to learn! Danielle Marino, LCSW works with parents first to teach evidence-based behavioral skills to improve regulation. Danielle is trained in Parent Management Training (PMT) principles and has coached hundreds of Chicagoland families to have calmer, happier children!