School, Camp, and Sports Physicals

School physical forms are provided at each well-child visit if needed. These are yours to copy and use throughout the year. Additional copies may be provided at a later date for a fee or can be downloaded from your MyChart. Should you need an additional visit for a more recent form before your child's next scheduled visit for school, camp, or sports, an appointment must be made. Please check with your particular school to be sure of their policy. All other forms may be filled out at a regularly scheduled visit, or at a separate visit. Nevertheless, in order to most timely and effectively fill out the forms, a visit is required for all forms.

Due to the large number of school physicals that we perform during the summer months, please call and schedule your appointment as early as possible so that you will have the greatest number of times and dates from which to choose. Please also check with your insurance company to see if any visits less than 365 days from the last one are covered! Rules vary from plan to plan and we don't want anyone to see unexpected charges!

If your child has an upcoming well visit or sports physical, please bring any forms to the visit (with the exception of the State of Illinois school form, we have that one!)  We know these forms are crucial for your children and often have deadlines.  Some tips for getting your forms completed efficiently:
  • If your child has an upcoming well visit or sports physical, please bring any forms to the visit. Please have all parent sections completed! This is the optimal time to get your forms completed and most efficient.  You will frequently get it back the day of your visit.
  • Outside of a visit, our preferred method is to upload your forms through MyChart, our patient portal.  It will be returned to you via secure message. ○ Upload a PDF version to portal with all parent portions completed.
  • Tip: fillable PDFs must be printed and re-uploaded to your computer. Saved fillable PDF comes up blank on our end!  
  • Medication forms - it is helpful for parents to write the name of the medication(s) whether prescription or over the counter.  If we get a blank medication form, it will delay the return of all your forms until we confirm what you are sending to school/ camp.
    • Upload forms specific to each child in your family (not multiple siblings to one child’s MyChart).
    • Your child must have had a physical in the last 365 days for form completion. IHSA forms are good for 395 days.
    • Turnaround time is typically 5-7 business days.  We are flooded with forms, often with multiple for each child.  Forms submitted after 7/31/23 may not be completed before the school year unless at your child’s actual well visit in the office.  Please be mindful of this.
    • Charge is $25 for each additional form outside of the DHS and IHSA forms provided at the well visit.